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Bogart for Windows

Bogart 11

Bogart 11 for Windows extends the Casablanca-4 Windows PCs, with this latest version of B4W software, with the latest features. According to the wishes of many loyal Bogart users improvements to the workflow and ease of use have been integrated into this new version.

The latest Bogart version should always be installed as it is a free update for all B4W users on v6-v10 and brings free bug fixes and Windows adjustments since 2013 with it. With an update, the functions of higher versions remain "hidden". These can be accessed at any time with a 11 Bogart licensing code to unlock it.

Note when upgrading from very old versions: Some innovations of recent years can (suitable for screen-resolution 1280 720 pixels) affect only from the window-resolution "medium" because on smaller screens no place for the clear menus, the presentation of the effect tracks is the time line, the rider-operation and 9 tracks available.

The new features in Windows 11 Bogart as an update from version 10:


B4W only: A search online for system updates is now possible after the installation.

Project Settings:

The project selection dialog now has a list of most recently used projects and also includes projects in other Disk Juggler project environments and on other hard drives too.


Import with additional RGB correction when the expert menu is active in the "image / tone correction." (From GOLD Edition)

An alternative to automatic format archive, there is now a manual archive. "Use format archive" must be turned off to it. (From GOLD Edition)

In files existing comments are now taken. This does not work for all file formats and is not always reliable due to lack of uniform standards. (In the Bronze Edition, these comments can search, but do not change.)


Right under the big scene image can now be shown the comment. (From GOLD Edition)

The search PowerKey "Ctrl-f 'now also includes the comment with. F3 shows the next hit Shift-F3 previous.

The scene bin can now be sorted by name, length and recording time. Sort manually is of course not possible.

The scenes selection (eg in arabesque) remembers the last selected scene will automatically activate this the next time.

Jump new switch in the Edit menu on the top left too quickly to the previous and next chapter mark.

New switches to the playback marker without keyboard by +/- 1 image move.

Scenes in the storyboard can now be split on orange marker position. (New "Split" button in the storyboard, right next to "Replace". Fine adjustment with +/- or Alt with the new switches to "splitting")

In the period menu, there is also a "splitting" switch. So you can sift through the whole storyboard in full screen and cut scenes apart.

When searching / Restore of scenes in the tray from the storyboard is now the in / out at the time of insertion into consideration (when by Sentry restored projects not possible)

(From SILVER Edition)

The automatic display when crossing the storyboard "Plus" timeline can now be turned off (wrench bottom left). Then the image is displayed only when holding down the "Shift / Caps” button.

This clears at least one piece of music ... 'demands were as much as possible reduced.

When storyboard play in the small window now runs a counter, and the storyboard above is carried.

Menus with Storyboard Display: With the new SB + 'switch can, Storyboard Plus' display fast switched on and off. (Top next to the coloured track switches)


Long-term effect "pattern 3" offers the A + suppression of graphics.

The set length is now realised per transition effect and used the next time you insert the effect.

The freeze frame effect has extended under the new switch "preferences" time adjustment, similar to Edit / New.

The long-term / Special effect "blur" now produces better results.


The writing page now has a favourite list, similar to the effects menus.

The image pool has been extended by a few logos and images, which can be used particularly well as "panel background" in Bogart and Vertigo Titler.

Audio Editors:

Advanced splitting for piece of music, like for video since Bogart v10.

16 new audio effects, preceded by "B11" have been added.

Audio dubbing:

The mixer includes a tab now, Automatic correction 'for individual pieces of music tracks or simply to remove distortion.

Dividing pieces of clay on the position markers (except O-sound track 1): In the audio dubbing is found right below the soundtracks a scissors symbol. pressing the, the selected piece of music is divided at the previously set bookmark. (Possible bases will be removed!)

In the "envelope" there is a new button "Insert base at position markers" which inserts a new base on the orange marking the active piece of music.

With, influence '(new point in the small menu, turn left at the track number), you can adjust all audio samples of a track in the volume and aperture at a time. Example: on the commentary track are xxx clay pieces, all of which are soft lower the O soundtrack to -10db. With the "influence" the appropriate corrections are applied to all audio samples in the commentary track automatically. Manual changes remain possible.

12 pieces new audio effects, preceded by "B11" have been added.


Several exports in various formats, qualities, etc. can now be inserted into a "queue." The selected formats can be saved as an archive and reloaded. The queue is then processed at a time (eg overnight).

In the Export menu option automatically is to free them from overloading the storyboard as in the dubbing. Users can choose which tracks should not be changed (for example, comments) and all others are then adjusted.


After saving, exporting archives, video and audio files a Windows Explorer window can now open folder 'to the destination folder to be opened.

The Windows Pro package now recognises compatible NVidia graphics cards with H.265 encoder (Settings / System / Information + hardware test).

If a supported card found (NVidia 1050/1080, Pascal architecture), the export active WinPro now (MP4) and NVIDIA H.265 (MKV) NVIDIA also offers hardware-accelerated H.264 formats too.

Without NVIDIA map a software-based H.265 is depending on the processor (MKV) Export active WinPro package.

Export formats support which chapter markers (eg MKV, MP4, ..) take over the chapter marks that were set in Bogart STORY BOARD (not Arabesk). Player which such chapter brands support (VLC, MPC-HC, ..) thus allow Chapter +/- or direct chapter marks. In the exported file here also the project name is entered as "Title" in the meta-data if the format supports it (eg MP4, MKV, ..). The VLC player shows this upper left of the players window.

Important notice for users with multiple systems Bogart: Projects which have been processed in Bogart 11 can be edited only limited by the older versions! Insert titles in such projects, for example, not possible with Bogart v6 v9. Users who work with disk Juggler on multiple devices projects, please must install the latest software everywhere! A Bogart 11 activation is not required on all devices (but of course makes sense to avoid any restriction).

Prices for Casablanca4 / Bogart Windows:

• Bogart 11 update from version 10 Bronze = £29

• Bogart 11 update from version 10 silver = £79

• Bogart 11 update from version 10 gold = £149

• Bogart 11 update from version 6-9 Bronze = £39

• Bogart 11 update from version 6-9 silver = £109

• Bogart 11 update from version 6 to 9 Gold = £219

Prices for Casablanca3 / Linux

• Bogart 11 update from version 10 = £149

• Bogart 11 update from version 6 to 9 = £219

• Bogart 11 update from version 1 to 5 = £249

Once again Joel Brooks has produced yet another You Tube video and this one covers the highlights of the new Bogart 4 Windows v11. This version is 98% the same as the Casablanca III Linux version so if you watch from 1.55 (the video should start at that point) it should all be relevant.         Click HERE