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Bogart for Windows

Bogart 12

Prices for Bogart Windows:

• Bogart 12 update from version 11 Bronze = £29

• Bogart 12 update from version 11 silver = £79

• Bogart 12 update from version 11 gold = £149

• Bogart 12 update from version 6-10 Bronze = £39

• Bogart 12 update from version 6-10 silver = £109

• Bogart 12 update from version 6-10 Gold = £219

Prices for Casablanca3 / DVC

• Bogart 12 update from version 11 = £149

• Bogart 12 update from version 6 to 10 = £219

• Bogart 12 update from version 1 to 5 = £249


Due to a change in the version activation, a Bogart 12 activation code is required after installation!

Free updates to all Bogart versions to date (from v5 to Bogart v11) is not possible with the Bogart 12 installation!

If anything is unclear please phone or email before installing !

BogartSE 12 for Windows extends the Casablanca-4 and its own Windows PCs with the Bogart software for video post-processing with the latest functions. In accordance with the wishes of the loyal Bogart users, many improvements for the workflow and ease of use have been integrated into the new version.

If you are new to the BogartSE editing software, you will find the essential information to get you started here . A demo version of the video editing software, which has been continuously developed since 1996, is also available there.

If you already have a BogartSE Edition for Windows, you can use this update to retrofit the latest developments in development.

Note when upgrading from very old versions: Some innovations of the last few years can only have an effect from the window resolution “medium” (suitable for screen resolution 1280 720 pixels), as there is no space for the clear menus, the display of the Effect tracks, the timeline, tab controls and 9 sound tracks are available. A resolution of 1920 1080 pixels at 50Hz (PAL) is recommended.

The innovations in BogartSE 12 Windows as an update from version 11:

Bogart 12 Highlights:

1 Easy migration from older versions - thanks to the v6-v12 option

2 Greater convenience - with scene extract import and better jog shuttle support

3 Faster editing - through image analysis when dividing and creating a storyboard effect

4 More effect possibilities - with 20 LUTs and 30 lower band templates

5 Clearer dubbing - thanks to the jagged display of the current scene area


• NEW: Bogart 12 also activates all earlier Bogart 6-11 versions when activated. This allows those who switch from very old versions to 'work their way up' at their own pace, version by version. Or use any version that is newer than the previous one, but not as complex as the latest versions.

• IMPORTANT: Due to this change, a Bogart 12 activation code is required after installation! A free update from Bogart 6 to Bogart 11 is not possible!

• Adjustments to new internet security standards to enable online updates again via Bogart / Settings / 'Search for update'.


• NEW: UHD (3840 2160) and 4k (4096 2160) projects are now also available in bronze and silver editions.

• Changes made during the current day are now correctly recorded in the list of the 'most recently used projects'.


• NEW: In the import menu, a 'cutout' function has been added under the preview image. With this, for example, a selectable area can be cut out of a UHD / 4k 'total' as 'medium total' or 'close'. This function can also be used to remove black borders from VHS transfers during import. If the section is fixed at 1: 1 'project size', the size setting is blocked in the selection and it is sufficient to determine the position (in higher-resolution scenes).

• NEW: Film-Scanner files in the unusual format 1440 1080 with 4: 3 image aspect can now be imported into 16: 9 projects without being anamorphicaly distorted as with the HDV 1440 1080 16: 9 standard.

• If an adjustment to the video format is carried out when importing into an empty project, the aspect of the preview window is now also adjusted correctly.

To edit:

• NEW: Split scenes according to picture content. In the 'extended split' menu there is now an additional switch next to the 'Auto' switch (if available) for searching for cuts in material. The sensitivity can be adjusted. An image analysis is carried out, which tries to find hard cuts, for example with DVD / BD import, in scanned film scanner files or VHS recordings.

• NEW: When trimming in the small preview window, the Shuttle-TT Jog wheel is now supported in order to increase comfort considerably.

• NEW: The Shuttle-TT jogs huttle can now also be used in the period menu. This means that the storyboard can be moved forwards and backwards at variable speeds, as with previous tape recorders.

• NEW: In the 'Opt' menu, 'Storyboard -> Scene' can be used to create a scene from the entire storyboard in the shelf.

• NEW: Storyboard-> Scene now generates cutting information, which can be used in the 'extended' division. For example, a number of long-term effects calculated in the storyboard can be created again as individual scenes in the shelf.

• NEW: Bogart 12 can receive scenes and audio clips from the new Compoesy interface (available in 2021).

• NEW: Bogart 12 supports the transfer of scenes and audio clips to the new Compoesy interface in 'Edit' or 'Audio recording-edit' via the OPT menus.

• If a 'new scene' is created in the storyboard-> 'Search' filing due to different trims, the triangular markings 'in the storyboard' of the original and the new scene are now correct.

• If a 'new scene' is created in the Storyboard-> Storage 'Search' due to different trims, the new scene is also found correctly in the Storyboard-> Storage Search.


• NEW: Transition effect 'audio fade' with soft audio fade for hard cuts. The length of the audio transition can be influenced by the effect length, which leads to an even shortening of both scenes.

• NEW: The RGB sliders in color selection windows can now also be addressed directly with the PowerKey buttons 'r', 'g' and 'b'.

• NEW: Special + long-term effects 'Apply LUT': The manual color adjustment of video material after recording (color grading) - can take a lot of time. As a rule, each colour level must be adjusted until the composition of the image is pleasing and fulfills the intended purpose. If you use this functionality with cameras that are able to record in the so-called LOG format, the processing of each individual scene is generally mandatory.

• LUTs (look-up tables, comparable to tables for certain corrections of certain colour values) make it easier here. There are a variety of free and paid LUTs or LUT packages available for purchase where professionals have already taken on this work. For example, do you want to create a cinematic image with dramatic contrasts? No problem. With a suitable LUT, this can be done in a few clicks. Look up tables are often a good starting point for further changes. So you can weaken the strength of the LUT effect using the transparency slider and of course make your own additional colour and image corrections by combining them in the effect stack. So you don't have to rely completely on the prefabricated optics of a LUT. Bogart 12 provides 20 of its own LUTs for this.


• NEW: For the Bogart Titler, Vertigo Titler and Titel-Studio, 30 belly band templates are supplied as 'page' archives. Depending on the project format and text length, adjustments to the font size may be necessary.

• NEW: The 'Standard' font extends the title with a very clear and professional video font.

Audio editing:

• NEW: In audio recording, editing, the current project name and the project format are displayed at the top left.

Audio dubbing:

• NEW: In the audio dubbing, a double click on the selected StoryboardPLUS scene is sufficient to display its original sound in full width. This increases the orientation, the handling and the convenience of dubbing with StoryboardPLUS considerably.

• NEW: In dubbing, you can now jump directly to the respective effect by clicking on the red / green / blue bars in the StoryboardPLUS timeline.

• In audio dubbing, correct audio calculation is made possible after an entire track has been muted or unmuted.

• In the dubbing / 'Insert / replace audio track' tab, the counter runs correctly again when individual pieces of music are played back.


• NEW: The main menu now shows the name of the current hard disk, the project environment used, the project name and the format at the top right.

• In Arabesk an error in the disc preview and calculation has been fixed when 9 films with chapters were defined.

• Arabesk Blu-ray discs were only played without sound in some older players. This should now be fixed.

• The currently active version number of Arabesk has been increased to v8.1 / 7.10 / 6.15 due to the changes.

Important note for users with several Bogart systems: Projects that have been processed from BogartSE 10 can only be processed to a limited extent by the older versions! Inserting titles in such projects is not possible with Bogart v6-v9, for example. Users who work on projects with Disk-Juggler on several devices must install the same software everywhere!