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Bogart for Windows

Bogart Picture in Picture Studio 3

With this all new PiP-Studio v3 it is now possible to create elements that include either a video scene, a pattern from the ImagePool, an animation from the Anim Pool, a colour area or even some text. The "PIPs" can have a border and cast a shadow even have a label if needed and masks from the ImagePool can also be used. It is also possible to add an anchor and/or waypoint to the elements to animate its position, size, cropping and rotation in any way.

Bogart PiP Studio v3 Download Link  ZIP-Datei

On your computer use the above link to download the PiP Studio v3 software as a .ZIP file.

Un-zip and copy the files onto a USB stick. On your Bogart machine plug the USB in and go into the Install Product menu and scroll down to find the PiP v3 software and click on ‘activate’ to load the product.

When it asks for a licence code you can just select Demo to run it in DEMO form so that you can try it out for yourself.

Min requirement: Bogart  10.0a / 9.3a / 8.8a / 7.11a / 6.13a / 5.19a or higher

Bogart PiP Studio v3 is available for £149 or as an update from Bogart PiP Studio v2 for £99