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Bogart for Windows

We are pleased to announce that HD Sentry back-up software is now available. This software is automatically installed onto your Bogart machine (you’ll find it in Install Products) from Bogart versions v5.7 & v6.1 upwards. If you require discs with these versions on we can supply them for £3 or you can download the files yourself. Although this software covers some of the normal back-up options already available on your machine it also offers a lot more besides. You can try some of its features in demo mode but for full functionality an unlock code is required. This will vary in price. The full version is £149 but if you already have "HD Back-up” as a product installed and licensed it is available at £99. If you require a licence code for both a Bogart machine and a Bogart for Windows one then you can buy both for £199.

So, whats new ?

Single Project Back-up

You can already back-up all projects on the internal hard drive (with HD Back-up) but you also have to bring them 'all' back in - over writing existing data.

Sentry can save either all or some of the selected projects (1-30), or even just a part of a project (Story Board, Scene Bin and/or Audio) can be backed up with sentry.

These back-ups include added effects and transition, audio and titles and will restore to the Story Board and/or Scene Bin exactly as they went out.

Backup of Store 'n' Share Projects

Sentry can not only back-up projects on the the internal hard drive but can also back-up projects on a Store 'n' Share drive and restore to either too.

Great Flexibility When Restoring

Projects saved with sentry can be restored on any free projects of the working hard disk. In addition when you restore you can add it to an active project rather than overwrite it - great for gathering similar clips from different projects (or drives) into one place to edit and this can include audio samples - at last a way to back up all your stored music.

Data exchange between Casablanca and PC

For those with both Bogart and Bogart for Windows (or even two Bogart machines) Sentry is the ideal tool to exchange projects between the two systems for users of Bogart on a PC and a Casablanca device. For unrestricted use, it is advisable to have any installed additional effects on both devices. Because Sentry uses the same file format as the Casablanca edits in there is no need for any rendering and so the whole process is fast and efficient both out and back into your machine.

And Finally

Sentry can also help a project with bad frames or drop outs. When backing up these areas are found and properly filtered out and ready to be re-imported.

The English version of the manual is not yet complete but we do have some user notes to help. Having said that, like most Casablanca software, it is pretty straight forward to use.

Another reason to make sure your Bogart is up to date is not only to have access to HD Sentry but that with v6.1 we have greater PCM Audio support, and many new video formats, including Sonys XAVC. As a note though Bogart v6.1 requires Arabesk to be updated to v6.3e to continue to function correctly.