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Sentry 2

We are pleased to announce that HD Sentry 2 back-up software is now available. This software is automatically installed onto your Bogart machine (you’ll find it in Install Products) from Bogart versions v6.25 upwards. If you require discs with these versions on we can supply them for £3 or you can download the files yourself. Although this software covers some of the normal back-up options already available on your machine it also offers a lot more besides. The full version is £149 but if you already have "HD Back-up” as a product installed and licensed it is available at £99 and if you have HD Sentry v1 the upgrade price to v2 is £79. If you require a licence code for both a Bogart machine and a Bogart for Windows one then you can buy both for for a special offer price of £199.

• Expert menu / Save (partial) project - now allows in the setting: Save “Individual project” to switch off scene storage and sample storage . This makes it possible to save “only” the storyboard of a film that is in progress 1: 1, which is much faster in between than saving the entire files several times. Of course, a pure storyboard backup should only be carried out “additionally” if a complete data backup has already been created.

• Determination and display of space requirements : Operations that affect entire project environments can very quickly show the space required. If you only back up individual or selected projects, it takes some time, depending on the size, before the space requirements can be determined. If there is not enough space at the selected storage location , the required space and the free space on the data carrier are displayed. You can then select a data carrier with more space.

• Project environment -> Disk-Juggler: Any internal, Store'n'Share or Disk-Juggler project environments can be copied to another data carrier in Disk-Juggler format. This copy contains all 30 projects of the selected environment and can be used to work with it directly in the Project / Hard Disk Selection menu. If you want to switch from the internal hard drive of a Casablanca-3 to Bogart Windows, this is considerably faster than backing up + restoring (which generates 2-3 times the amount of data). External hard drives in Linux EXT3 format can also be transferred to Windows NTFS formatted hard drives on the Casablanca-3 so that they can be further processed by Bogart Windows with Disk-Juggler.

• Store'n'Share / HD-Backup -> Disk-Juggler: This function converts an “old” HD-Backup data backup or a Casablanca-3 Store'n'Share project environment directly into a Bogart Windows Disk-Juggler environment. No additional storage space or an additional hard drive is required. The prerequisite for this is that the external hard drive already uses the Windows-readable NTFS file system. The project environment / backup converted in this way can no longer be used from the Casablanca-3!

• Projects - checking and repairing: Any number of (or all in the selection menu at the top right) projects can be checked and repaired within the current project environment / hard drive !If errors are found, the log with the details can be saved on a USB stick for the Casablanca-3 or anywhere as a .txt file for Bogart Windows. Every Windows or Apple computer or every smartphone or tablet with a USB stick adapter can display this file in order to view the audio or video data concerned in more detail. In general, however, it is recommended to always carry out the offered project check + repair after a crash if new material has been recorded, imported or generated on the hard disk by effect calculation since the Bogart start. Defects in the video are replaced by black images with the message “Incorrect video material”. Defective pieces of sound are muted if necessary.

• Drive information: Shows the free space on connected hard disks or partitions that is available for data backups or Disk-Juggler / Store'n'Share project environments. Disks under 32 GB or unusable file systems are not displayed.